The Thing You’re Stressing Out About On Instagram? Here’s The Harsh Truth.

July 14, 2021

The thing you’re stressing out about on Instagram? It probably doesn’t matter.

Are you struggling with overthinking your content?

The harsh truth is that the thing you’re stressing out about when it comes to your Instagram game, PROBABLY doesn’t even matter. It’s no use to play the shame game as you go down your scroll hole watching all the other people post all the other things about all the other business stuff.

I mean, it’s a lose-lose sitch, girl.

And I get it, it’s easy to get caught up in “I missed my window to post” or “What are people going to say about me if I post this Reel?!”.

I’m about to tell you the only four things you should actually be thinking about when you create your content – and no, it’s not ya Aunt Gemma’s opinion!

1.Type of content

Instagram came out and said that it is no longer a photo-first platform. It’s video first! ⁣

What does that mean for you? ⁣

Well, first – please note that Instagram has already been pushing video for a while now…so you can stop hyperventilating ⁣

It also means you can finally stop stressing out about having the perfect picture to match your perfectly created Instagram feed and you can actually start to have some fun — especially with Reels!! Like I mentioned, we have already known that Reels are the hot thing, but with Instagram saying that video will be shown and suggested FIRST, it’s time to definitely roll video into a regular part of your content creation. While that’s the most details that we have right now on the video first, one can assume that Reels and IGTV are going to be receiving a lot of traction in the future.⁣

Additionally, Instagram mentioned the content that’s being consumed the most is entertainment, so STOP stressing about the perfect way to teach a “how-to” and instead jump on some of those fun trends that people are doing and get comfortable with having fun in front of the camera! I mean – I posted an ugly duckling picture yesterday and it’s at 6k views in less than 24 hours I mean, SERIOUSLY, just have fun.⁣

An easy way to think about your videos when it comes to content is that your Instagram Reels are going to be your lead generation funnels — expanding your reach and bringing new people into your world. Instagram stories/lives are your nurture funnels – where the people who ALREADY follow you are getting to know, like, and trust you!⁣


Pay attention to what your audience is enjoying — do they enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes? Are they asking a ton of questions on your DIY projects? Are they saving the “how-to” posts? For Reels, we know entertainment drives engagement (above), but this can be different on your stories and your posts. Your stories are where your audience gets to really know, like, and trust you — and so what is the type of content that gets them to respond to you in the DMs? What has the most “tap-backs”? How can you take feedback from your audience now and use it to create engaging content for the future?


Sustainability over quantity! Instagram cares way less about your posting every day than they do about you being consistent. Yes, you can definitely post on Instagram’s recommended posting schedule, and you will probably grow really quickly — but you need to ask yourself, “Is that sustainable for me?” If you start posting everyday and then burn out…go dark….start posting everyday and then burn out…go dark…the Instagram algorithm recognizes this as a pattern and it tells the algorithm that you’re not delivering content that your audience can rely on. Instead of focusing on producing a ton of content, focus on creating a schedule that allows you to post consistently and deliver quality content!

4. Website Clicks/Conversion

Last but not least, you should be looking at what content is actually sending people to your website or driving people to reach out to you in your DM’s! After all, the reason you’re creating content isn’t JUST to create content, it’s to get paying clients, right? So if your content isn’t generating new leads, if people aren’t reaching out to you, if people aren’t going to your website, then you know you need to be rethinking your strategy (Hint: That’s going to start with…are you actually even asking them to go to your website/reach out to you? Calls to action like “DM me!” or “Head to the link in my bio!” actually WORK, I promise!). While I don’t want you to stress about this, it’s definitely a number to pay attention to. AND, check out your insights to see if there is content you’re ALREADY creating that is sending people to your website now, and see if you can recreate it

If you can focus on creating videos that ENGAGE your audience on a CONSISTENT basis and have a call to action to visit your website (or DM you!), you will be golden. Stop getting stuck in the weeds with the details and ask yourself if your content checks these four boxes!

Was this helpful? What is your biggest struggle with any of these four areas? Comment below and let me know!!

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