How would you act if…

July 20, 2021

How would you act if….you knew you could achieve anything you set your mind to achieve?
How would you act if….you didn’t feel insecure or insignificant?
How would you act if….you KNEW, like deep down in your gut, that you were pretty and smart and capable?? If you had never learned to question or doubt those things??

Have you ever seen the movie, I Feel Pretty, with Amy Schumer? It’s a super corny movie, obvs, about how a girl flies off a bike in a spin class, hits her head, and all of sudden sees herself as this long-legged model beauty (Think: Shallow Hal but for the main character and how she sees herself).

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I found it super interesting because the main character got the job she wanted (AND had crazy success because…CONFIDENCE), got the guy she wanted, and started living the life she always wanted to live…simply because she saw herself as a beautiful woman. She had confidence and never questioned anything because she was beautiful. She put herself in crazy situations and said crazy things because she was beautiful — and she never second-guessed herself because she was beautiful.

The moment she saw herself as herself again, all that confidence went away. She became scared and insecure again and didn’t see herself a capable.

Obviously, by the end of the movie, she sees how great she is and how SHE did all those things not because of being the world’s standard of beautiful, but because she’s amazing,…because it’s a cute rom-com and everyone rides off into the sunset in those…but as I finished the movie, I couldn’t help but think…

Why don’t we all act that way?

What would happen if we walked into every room (or virtual meeting space) with confidence, KNOWING we were the hottest stuff to walk the earth, thank you very much?

What would happen if we just fully jumped into our business goals, our fitness goals, our relationship goals because we KNEW that we absolutely could not fail?

There is a reason there are so many successful people who are…without putting it lightly…narcisstic and/or sociopaths. It’s because they go after what they want without blinking. They can’t even entertain the thought that someone might not want what they’re selling – WHAT? Of course everyone wants what I have!

What would your day-to-day look like if you woke up, reminded yourself you’re a badass, and just DID the things without being self-conscious? Without criticizing the way you look or the way you talk? Without worrying that someone might call you out or without being afraid that someone out there is better or smarter than you?

What ONE THING would you get done? What is the one thing you’ve been putting off because you’re nervous about what someone might say or you’re worried about getting rejected?

What is that one thing?

No, seriously, I’m asking.

Because, today, I want you to borrow my belief in you. I want you to see yourself the way I see you — strong, confident, capable, and beautiful. I believe you CAN do that hard thing.

Today, I want you to take that belief and I want you to get REAL with what you’ve been putting off and I want you to imagine you’re Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty and I want you to do whatever it is with confidence and badassery.

Is it writing an email? Is it announcing your business? Is it telling people how to work with you? Is it letting a client go and knowing that you’re capable of getting another (read: DREAMIER) client? Is it making a reel?

WHAT is it that’s been making you hide behind your fear??

Go do it. Because you can. Because you were made to do hard things. Because you’re worthy of success.

Cheering you on!


P.S. hit reply or tag me on Instagram and let me know what you did (or what you’re going to do if you want a little accountability and support)

P.P.S. I have at the top of my Powersheets, “How would you act today if you knew you could NOT fail?” – it’s not a bad reminder every morning Try it out!

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