I was wrong, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

September 28, 2021

I was wrong.

Yikes, it hurts even just saying that.


But I promise to always keep it real with you. And…the truth is…I WAS wrong.

Like many others in my industry, I taught something as the holy grail, the bread and butter, the secret sauce to success…and I’ve had a complete change of heart. I’m not too proud to admit that something I was teaching could have been potentially tripping you up.

And I’m sorry.

Here is the deal. We have all been told “the riches are in the niches” (heck, there is a lesson in my course named that, yikes, that’s getting changed, don’t worry).


Instead of creating this super niche’d down niche client that only serves an even more specific niche of a niche…

What if, instead, we focused on getting super clear on the problem we solve?

Let’s be honest, a lot of the things we do can help a lot of different people in a lot of different niches – so let’s break down how can we walk away from the niche of niching and instead identify how YOU can stand out and own your solutions!

1. Get clear on the problem you solve, NOT how you solve it
I know it sounds redundant, but honestly — half the time I talk to people, and I ask them what problem they solve, they begin to give me a laundry list of tasks that they do on a daily basis — “Oh you know, I manage an inbox….write email newsletters…create social media posts.”

NO NO NO NO – that’s how you solve someone’s problem. But the problem you’re ACTUALLY solving? Maybe it’s “I’m giving business owners their time back by staying on top of their email inbox” or “I help my clients nurture their warm leads into paying clients with newsletters that convert!” or “I help my client get visibility on social media so they can be seen as the expert!”

THAT is the problem you solve. Reverse engineer your content — start with the problem.

2. Own your YOU
I said this in my Facebook live today, but it’s time for you to screw what the experts say, and figure out what works for you. There was another point in time (right around the same time I was preaching about niching down), where I would have said if you want to be a successful business owner, you shouldn’t curse. I would have said “Post every day on Instagram, create a beautiful feed, make your Instagram stories branded!” — and you know what? You can still do ALL of those things if it feels right to you, if it’s in alignment with how you want to show up online. But the reality is — in this world of authentic “authentic-ness” getting way overused, everyone TRYING to show up authentically is falling way short of the mark, because SO MANY are trying to be other people who they see as successful. ONLY YOU can know what your “authentic self” is — and only you can know what showing up online “authentically” means. That’s the entire idea around being authentic — it’s yours. If that’s cursing in your marketing, if it’s a beautiful (or not beautiful) feed, if it’s showing up without makeup, do YOU.

Own it.
Own whatever makes you special, weird, or unique.
Talk about it.
Be real.
I promise you, your people will love you for it.



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