Ellyse Colson – October MOTM

October 4, 2021

Tell us about you! What do you do?

Well hello there! I’m Ellyse Colson and I’m the founder of the Sustainable Business Collective. I’m on a mission to help freelancing moms and those who offer service to others, create a sustainable business so they don’t have to work all the time. Being a mom to 3 tiny humans (5 year old, 3 year old, and 10 month old) myself, I know the struggle of trying to run a successful business and not have it take away from time with the people who matter most. There’s some key pieces that have to shift in your business to really create something that supports your family, but doesn’t need you to be IN it all the time. This is where I come in!

How long have you been in business?
I started my freelancing/entrepreneur business 3.5 years ago In May 2018. It has since evolved into the coaching business I have now.

What’s been your favorite part of entrepreneurship?
The time and location freedom are unmatched. I never have to worry about asking for time off and I get to take my kid to school every single day. I also LOVE the space to create and help people in the best ways I can imagine. I love how creative I get to be!

What’s been the most difficult challenge?
I never went to school to learn sales (I was in education) so learning about selling and buying behaviors has been hard. I also just love helping people, so something I end up helping with is something that honestly I probably should’ve charged for.

What would you tell yourself one year ago? Two years ago?
A year ago I was REAL pregnant so I would probably tell myself that the baby would be cute and labor and delivery would end up just fine 🙂 In terms of business, I would tell myself to keep going. That will always be my advice- lean into what makes you happy, trust your gut, and just keep going.

Favorite guilty pleasure?
OHMYGOD! I love a good TV binge and laughing, so it’s usually bad TV. I also am always game for some chocolate… in just about any form.

Favorite bev?
I love a good cup of hot tea.

Go-to Starbucks order?
iced almond milk chai. It’s SO good!

How can people work with you?
RIght now you can sign up for the Let’s Get Visible! Bootcamp where we are working toward creating a social media content and networking habit that’s sustainable. I also currently have 1 1:1 coaching spot available.

What are 5 tips that someone can start doing today to move the needle when it comes to creating a sustainable business?

1. talk to people- you can create content all day long, but if you don’t actually talk to anyone, it’s hard to make sales.

2. Focus on the transformation you provide for people.

3. NICHE DOWN! Stop trying to sell everything to everyone.

4. Whenever possible, quote prices on the initial call. It allows you to talk about their objections face to face and results in a lot less ghosting.

5. Create goals that center around what you truly want, and most of the time it’s probably not money.

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