Jordan Taylor – January MOTM

January 4, 2022

Jordan taylor

owner + founder of Inbox0Hero, helping business owners lower their anxiety learn to love their inboxes!

Tell us about you! What do you do? I am Jordan, owner of Inbox0Hero where I help business owners lower their anxiety learn to love their inboxes!

How long have you been in business? I have worked as a VA/OBM for the last 4 years and launched Inbox0Hero this past September!

What’s been your favorite part of entrepreneurship? I love the freedom it gives to you to think outside the box and live life against the grain of what’s socially “normal”. I have always known that my way of thinking of life was different than most and becoming an entrepreneur showed me that it’s k to think different.

What’s been the most difficult challenge? The most difficult challenge for me has been the battle of depression and anxiety that is exacerbated by my favorite part, the freedom of thinking outside the box. Sometimes the ideas and expectations that I put on myself feed into my negative self talk and push me quickly to the point of burnout.

What would you tell yourself one year ago? Two years ago? I would tell myself to slow down, take a breathe and get outside and walk more. I find peace, creative energy and calm when I walk outside (above 35 degrees anyway lol) I would remind myself that as long as I have faith in God’s plan for my life that there is nothing that I cannot handle.

Favorite guilty pleasure? Watching tv. I legit love a good long tv series that I can get sucked into. Currently it’s Yellowstone!

Favorite bev? Water and Dr. Pepper!

Go-to Starbucks order? Black and White Mocha with Whipped Cream!

How can people work with you? Message me messenger of book a free game planning strategy session at:

What are 5 tips that someone can start doing today to clean up their inbox?

  1. Start with a better vantage point. Sign up to get a data report from Email Meter to see data from a different angle.

  2. When unsubscribing, make sure you “clean up as you go”, don’t just click unsubscribe.

  3. Use filters and rules to put your inbox on autopilot.

  4. For the people you email most, ask yourself if there is a better way to communicate (Voxer/slack/zoom) to cut down on emails.

  5. Explore google add-ins and chrome extensions to link your email to other tools in your business!

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