Brittney Johnson – February MOTM

February 2, 2022

Brittney Johnson

Certified Director of Operations, Owner and Founder at Virtual Synergy Consulting

Tell us about you! What do you do? Prior to starting my business in 2019, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for 2 years, finished my BA in Psychology, and transitioned to working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator for 3 years in the mental health field. I’ve since become a Certified Operations Director and am the Founder of Virtual Synergy Consulting.

Fun Facts:

  • Life begins AFTER coffee!

  • I love fuzzy socks, hoodies, and fleece pajama pants

  • I played basketball for 23 years before having my son

When I’m not supporting clients I’m likely…

  •  discussing the “WHY’s” of the world with one very opinionated 7-year old boy named Riley

  • wrangling two very vocal chihuahuas

  • binge-watching HGTV shows.

What’s been your favorite part of entrepreneurship? My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is being able to literally work from anywhere with the internet and not being bound to any one place.

What’s been the most difficult challenge? A challenge for me has been consistency in my marketing. I just don’t enjoy having to create content, lol.

What would you tell yourself one year ago? Two years ago? I would tell myself one or two years ago that I need to invest in a social media manager/strategist sooner rather than later because remaining visible is how you fill up your book of business.

Favorite guilty pleasure? RomComs

Favorite bev? Coffee or Mountain Dew Code Red

Go-to Starbucks order? Java Chip

How can people work with you?

  • People can always schedule a Quick 15 Call with me for any specific Operations support they need. Questions about Tech, Project/Team Management, or even strategy – Book Here

  • I also offer paid 45-minute Consults for more in-depth support. Book Here

  • If you want to see if we’re a good fit right now, you can book a Discovery Call

What are 5 steps to a CEO self?

  1. Complete a time audit and see what you can hand off to your team

  2. Identify your leaders/managers so that other team members know who to report up to so it’s not you

  3. Give your leaders permission to own their role and make certain decisions without you

  4. Make things that only you can move forward a priority (batching podcast recordings, conducting sales calls, product creation, etc). Add this to your calendar and set phone reminders.

  5. Have a strategic planning session done so you know what to be focusing on to hit your goals; your team can also follow this to complete projects without constant prompting

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Instagram: @virtualsynergyconsulting
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