Hi there! I’m Mia, a social media marketer and business coach.

Wife, mama, strategist, and connector. I live for lattes, bachelor nation, and cutting through the fluff to get to the good stuff. 


I was living in a new town navigating my way through 9-5 work, new mom life, and our first deployment. I felt isolated and overwhelmed.

What started as a rocky road quickly became treacherous terrain when my son got sick. I had no PTO to care for him and no help as a stranger in a new town. I knew I needed two things fast - money and community. I began a successful VA business working at home- but it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I was depressed and lonely, but did my best to hide these parts  of me from my perfectly curated feed. Realizing my mask was keeping me from the community I so longed for, I decided to open myself up, be vulnerable, and share the private pieces of my life for the entire world to see on Instagram. After sharing this story on social, the floodgates opened and my DMs started buzzing with people who wanted to work with me!

All of a sudden, I was an authority figure, I was signing new clients, and the doors to new opportunities were flying wide open. 

I won't pretend there wasn’t also imposter syndrome and self doubt flying in as well, but I became more confident stepping into a marketing strategist role instead of just social media management. 

Something else unexpected happened, too. I opened myself up and tapped into a community of women online who were running businesses alongside mine. The girl who once shied away from female friendships because she had been burned so many times found a community of real, authentic women who got it.

They got motherhood.
They got entrepreneurship.
They got me.

I learned the power of vulnerability and the community and connection it could bring. That June 13th post and the shift that followed helped me see that vulnerability is about being real and showing your human side that makes you relatable to other people - even if they’ve never experienced the exact same thing!

My entire business and life changed after that post, and it would never be the same.

The foundations of my company were born at that moment.

We believe we are stronger together.

We believe in the power of relationships over the power of likes & follows.

We believe in creating community.

We believe in showing up, being real, and staying authentic.

We believe in the social of social media.

We believe in bringing the joy.

As I grew my business and took on more clients, fellow mamas also showed up asking me for help.

They were getting stuck in their business where I had been stuck in mine. They didn’t know what to post, how to plan their content, or how to get clients on social media. They didn’t know how to do it all in a way that still allowed them time and energy to be moms. And they had mean girls (both internally and externally) taunting them and holding them back.

After I helped a few mamas, more kept coming, and I realized I was being pushed to not just strategize social media for clients, but to help other moms build relationships online and grow their businesses.

It was time for me to level up again.

So I created a space for moms with businesses where they can get the resources and answers they need to grow, but also the accountability, community, and support from other moms in business.

I created the socialjoy collective to make sure that no mama who wants to own and grow a business online gets lost in vanity metrics, technology troubles, and B.S. algorithms, but instead learns to build a sustainable business through relationships, confidence, and consistently showing up real AF.