Put the Joy Back in Social Media

Say goodbye to imposter syndrome, comparison, and procrastination. Together, we'll uncover your roadmap to a joyful presence on social.



Looking for high-touch coaching? This is for you! We will meet 3x p/month (with one week off for action taking) + Voxer access to me - think of me as a coach in your pocket 😉! *Includes Short & Sweet Group Coaching




For the mama entrepreneur who cannot keep up with her content to be come a confident, consistent, content creating badass so she can hit those big, dreamy goals!

imagine if you could...

Wake up + start your day without feeling overwhelming guilt that you “haven’t posted on social”

No longer dread making social media posts or creating stories

Have a plan in place…one that ACTUALLY lands you clients + DOES NOT involve you being scattered, overwhelmed, and on Instagram 24/7

I am so excited to offer the Virtual VIP day 

Not only can we find a strategy that brings you joy AND paying clients, but it's a sustainable strategy you can repeat over and over and over! Say goodbye to the scroll of shame (you know, where you see everyone posting as you slide deeper into abyss of shame and imposter syndrome). Say goodbye to content plans that NEVER get implemented! Say goodbye to feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Say goodbye to posting…just because you feel like you should!

hey mama,

The six hour VIP day includes:

A strategy intense zoom call for two hours

Four hours of me mapping out a strategy for your content, and creating 30 days worth of custom content for you according to your strategy! 

Rinse & repeat content calendar to easily replicate content

Social Media profiles audit

Instagram DMs set up 

Picture preset bundle so you can edit pictures easily!

Did you hear me say 30 days worth of content? I’m talking posts, lives, stories, ALL done for you (well, I can’t film the videos 😆but I CAN give you a step-by-step plan!). If you need to step up your content now, if you’re heading into a launch, if you’re needing to find more clients - apply now and get clarity, get visibility with socialjoy in a day!

VIP days are taken on an application basis only so we can make sure we are the perfect fit to make magic happen together and I only take four clients each month!





“Mia has such a passion for what she does & for those she serves. That passion shines through her Instagram alone, but truly radiates throughout her course! She not only pushed me to deep dive into who I want to serve & gave me the tools to gain clarity on that, she also pushed me to deep-dive into what I want my Instagram to do for my business & quite literally gave me permission to have fun with it & make it enjoyable for myself & my community.“


“I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to be coached by Mia. This has been one of the best purchases! I know I'll achieve my goals with this training. Mia helped me gain confidence in my abilities and show up proudly! Doesn’t have to be perfect, show up as your true self!“

— heather



not technology


not cold pitching


You won’t follow templates that don’t sound like you around here, and you won’t send a single, “Hey girl!” message -- I promise! You’ll learn to create real relationships and you’ll reap the rewards of building them authentically.

not vanity


We focus on legit marketing strategies that can be applied to any social media platform so you can start showing up consistently in front of your dream clients on the reg.

We build bonds and connect on social without getting distracted by likes and follows, algorithms, and technical jargon. We’re basically Mercury-Retrograde-proof.

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Go from scroll hole paralysis to massive momentum in your business by creating curiosity, connection, and community on social while still having fun!

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